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The DESIGN STAGE consists of three phases during which we will:


  • obtain the client's design brief, construction budget and other requirements such as timing.
  • provide recommendations for fees and (or) the appointment of consultants.
  • inspect the site and assess site conditions and constraints.
  • we recommend that a detail survey is obtained at this stage for most projects.
  • undertake an architectural survey of existing structures and prepare measured drawings.
  • undertake preliminary analysis of authority regulations and requirements.
  • Obtain the client's approval to prepare sketch design.

  • Arrange and attend meetings with the client, authorities and others as required.
  • Prepare sketch drawings including sketches, diagrams and other information to adequately explain the design.
  • Sketch drawings would normally comprise:
        - Site layout showing buildings, roads, easements, orientation, contours, flood level, existing trees and natural features, existing building, adjoining properties and levels of main elements and governing and critical dimensions (Scale 1:200).
        - Floor plans showing room allocations and circulation (Scale 1:100).
        - Typical cross-section showing indicative levels, existing and proposed (Scale 1:100).
        - Indicative elevations or rough third dimension sketch (Scale 1:100).
  • Prepare design briefs for consultants.
  • Prepare preliminary selections of materials and finishes
  • Prepare a broad order of cost opinion based on square metre rates to determine if the clients requirements can be afforded. At this stage the opinion of cost could still vary by up to 20% from the final tenders. (Alterations and additions require higher tolerances)
  • Modify the sketch design to meet the requirements of the brief and budget.
  • Issue the drawings to a cost consultant to obtain a Preliminary Opinion of Cost (OPC) based on sketch plans incorporating the clients agreed scope of work.
  • Obtain the client's approval to proceed with the final design after completion of the Preliminary OPC. At this stage we
  • Propose entering into a formal fee agreement for the remainder of the project.

  • Develop the approved sketch design into a final design solution with drawings and other details or documents to adequately explain the design including; Site layouts to conform with survey information, to consider requirements of services, earthworks, new landscape in conjunction with existing, paths, paving and governing and critical dimensions, (Scale 1:200min.).
  • Floor plans showing reduced levels, room layouts including furniture, fittings and special requirements (Scale 1:100).
  • Broad requirements of building regulations and authority regulations and requirements to be considered and incorporated in the design.
  • Typical cross-sections and elevations showing levels, ceiling heights, possible structure, design restrictions, incorporation of services, and possible arrangement of services (Scale 1:100).
  • Typical building details relating to design intent
  • Co-ordinate the design work undertaken by consultants with the architectural design
  • Provide schedule of materials and finishes.
  • Review the final design against the budget and prepare updated Opinion of Cost.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for the development application and assist the client with lodging the application.
  • Assist in obtaining approval by negotiating, attending meetings.
  • Obtain the client's approval to proceed with the documentation.
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