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  During the DOCUMENTATION STAGE we will:

  • Prepare a recommendation to the client on the preferred method of tendering
  • Prepare drawings to an appropriate scale including all site plans, floor plans, elevations and sections at 1:100 min. scale and principal sections and stair sections 1:50 min. scale, all services, fitments and fittings, together with other details and schedules to enable the project to be tendered.
  • Coordinate and integrate the work of consultants with the architectural drawings.
  • Prepare a specification describing the quality of materials, finishes and workmanship necessary to complete the project in accordance with the drawings and the client's requirements.
  • Submit documents for construction certificate approval. Structural Engineering drawings are required to be completed prior to submitting this application.
  • Issue the drawings to a cost consultant to obtain a Detailed Opinion of Cost (OPC) based on 90% completed documentation. It is expected that this OPC will be accurate within + or – 10% of the tender prices.
  • Obtain the client's approval of final documentation and call tenders.
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